In partnership with our clients

We do not believe that the best consultants are looking at online or press advertising for their next career move.

Experienced consultants, managers, directors or business partners will undoubtedly have contacts of their own from which they can seek impartial advice when they are actively looking for a new role.

We position our business as true partners to our clients and one which can credibly and professionally represent our clients to the recruitment and resourcing community.

Executive Search

This methodology is utilised when our client is seeking to hire the best possible person they can for a specific role.

By undertaking a search they are ensuring that the brightest and best talent in any given market has been approached credibly and professionally by a firm which understands their business’ strategic goals. All of our clients, across all industry sectors, are at the pinnacle of their respective industry. We would not undertake a search assignment if the role was such that it did not lend itself easily to a search process. As a result, we will say “no” when we feel working on a role would compromise our position and that of our client in the market.

At all times our client can be made aware of what stage has been reached in the Search process, and at all times our research list and conversations with those approached individuals are made available for discussion.

At the outset we will agree to a timeframe that is suitable given the size of the assignment, and we will stick to that timeframe as far as possible. Should the assignment raise unforseen issues that may cause the timing to go astray, we again will meet with the client to discuss those factors and agree to work towards a new goal.

We will continue to work towards a satisfactory result for our client at all times, irrespective of the time spent – as such our fees are heavily weighted towards completion of the assignment rather than the shortlist.

Retained Assignments

There are certainly occasions when a full market map and in-depth regional search is not necessary, however if the assignment is of a specialist or executive level then a considerable amount of time and effort is still required to source and manage the process.

Working on a retained basis gives our client the comfort that we are dedicating the appropriate time and resources in order to source the right person for them, as opposed to working on what many agencies call a ‘watching brief’.

Candidate-led Introductions

We have developed a reputation of consistently providing an honest, impartial and pragmatic view of the recruitment market. Many of our clients view our firm as a true business partner and entrust us with confidential information about their business’s future plans, thus enabling us to make highly selective introductions to them when we meet the right people.

Consequently we find that an increasing number of recruitment and resourcing professionals at all levels of experience come to us for advice. As a client of ours you can be comfortable that individuals we represent on this basis are well referenced, interviewed properly and the process managed appropriately.

Introductions of this kind incur a smaller fee than any search process or retained assignment.