“Oh I thought you just did search work..?”

That’s been a relatively common phrase I have heard from recruiters over the years. I make no apology for the fact that our business has always been very ‘client centric’, i.e. we tend to work on specific key mandates from clients, ones that are usually complex enough that we are retained by them in order to give it our full attention

However, coming into our 17th year of operating in the ‘Rec to Rec’ market, we also have an open door policy when it comes to being able to advise/guide recruiters who find themselves at a career crossroad and are perhaps unsure as to how best position themselves for the next five to ten years.

From a quick calculation the other day it appears that over the last 18 months we have been directly approached by 83 individuals from a recruitment or executive search background to have detailed ‘career conversations’; people with years of experience in the industry ranging from between 1 to 26 years. Some of those individuals were people our firm had previously placed, others were already known to the firm from prior conversations whilst the remainder were newly referred to me through a variety of networks. After multiple coffees/emails/phone calls these were the resulting statistics of those conversations (% rounded up for ease of purpose):

• I suggested to 16% of them that their best option would be stay with their current firm for a little while longer (for a variety of different reasons)
• I referred 17% either to other Rec to Recs (well, to one Rec to Rec in particular whose opinion I trust and value) and/or suggested they call certain recruitment companies directly as we had no existing relationship with those firms hence would not have been able to impart much in the way of guidance/advice pertaining to those businesses.
• 21% decided they were so far advanced with other discussions that the resulting conversation was simply my acting as sounding board whilst they deliberated on the impending offers. In almost exactly half of those cases, the individual in question felt comfortable enough to open up as to which firms they were talking to and thus I was able to assist them in their negotiations and final decisions.
• the other 46% I was able to make introductions to a select group of clients and just over half of those resulted in successful career moves for them.

Without wishing to impart death by statistic, the main point is that over that 18 month period I had many conversations/coffees with many different people, regardless of how many years of experience and tenure in the market; some who were feeling a little lost, confused, misguided about their recruitment career and others who simply wanted a new home to operate in…

So, do we still “do search work”? Yes, we do…but as it has always been since Hemisphere started in 2003, my door/phone/email is always open for a conversation with someone needing some extra advice regarding their recruitment career.

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